Florent Chagny is an architect and a town-planner. He holds a degree from l’Ecole d’Architecture de la Ville et des Territoires Paris-Est, France.

After 8 years working both in Switzerland and Paris, he created Florent Chagny Architecture in January 2018.

FLCA is, above all, a team. We acquired professional technique and rigor while working in different offices. Today, we are independent, creative and competent. We can talk freely; our dialogue will be based on open-mindedness. We master the communication tools, from the drawings to the modelling which allows us to get approval from our partners and clients.


At the beginning of the architectural conception, it is important to take into consideration a great amount of data. We like to talk about a “perceptible” context: the territory and its climate, the landscape and the study area but we also like to talk about the “intimate” context: the program, the history and the philosophy of the client. What he is sure about. His doubts.

The architect is here to interpret all of this information. The architect is not an artist. His proposal will be an answer. The outcome is a collaboration.